Letter to an Outraged Twitter Feed

Dear twitter feed,

I have to admit, that I do not care much about the U.S. elections. In fact, I am vastly ignorant about this subject matter. I know that there is a wall, and E-Mails, and lots of exchange of vulgarities. That’s about it. Admittedly, I think anything related to the Supreme Court is important. But I do not know enough about American politics to have an informed judgment about this either. Unlike you. You know that you have the right theory of the world. I admire this. You know that Trump supporters were racists, fascist, sexist, dumb, and uninformed bigots. This is obvious, you always knew that. Yet, it seems like Trump got more support from minorities than the Republican candidates before, he won by a large margin in the category of white female voter against a white woman, and he won the group of college-educated white voters. Seems like he lost support amongst the rich population and gained grounds with lower income classes.  Apparently, most people cared about the state of the economy; rather than about immigration, foreign policy, progressive values or whatever. And, there, in the realm of economics and science, most people are blatantly ignorant—across all camps. Actually, there is a good chance that you are part of this group. I mean, after all, it is a widespread phenomenon. Thinking otherwise would be either overconfidence bias or wishful thinking, both also widespread phenomena.  The NYT is not the best way to evaluate facts (or even getting their facts straight) and despite its promising name, The Economist is a very bad substitute for an introductory textbook for economics (rather pick up this one).

So, probably a bit more modesty would be helpful. Probably, you will be as wrong about your predictions about the apocalyptic nature of Trump’s presidency as you have been about the actual election results—and as you are about markets, trade, and technological progress. Democratic elections, especially such polarized ones, are a test of moral character, of virtue. And you failed badly.  Yet, it makes it easier to understand the other side—because they are human beings, very different from you indeed, but very similar in their flaws.

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